Dinner for Two

Given the change I jump at the chance to head out for the evening with friends.  This week was no different, even though I live in Portsmouth and my friend, Devon, was staying in Brighton.

We decided not to organise anything in advance, expecting to ask the concierge for a recommendation when we were leaving.  Unfortunately there was no particular recommendation forthcoming, so I suggested heading to an Italian Restaurant I had been to before.

Whilst waiting for the taxi we had time for a bit of posing picture taking, and why not.

We were dropped off in the Kemptown area just outside the Legends Hotel and walked back to St James Street.   The restaurant I knew, La Capannina, was in Madeira Place, just opposite the St James Pub.

Opting to skip the starter, going straight into the main I had the Seafood Risotto, which I have to say was superb.

After the meal we decided that the night was still young and felt that we needed to find a bar or pub so we could keep on chatting.   Unfortunately the Saint James and the Queen’s Head pubs were shut so we wandered down the road and found the Poison Ivy still serving.  Not the most exciting place on a Monday evening, but still it served a purpose.

This was Devon’s first time to Brighton, and whilst not a local myself, I had visited a few times.  I was able to walk us back to the hotel via The Lanes and then the main seafront which was very pleasant.

Neither of us wishing the night to end too quickly, so we ordered a coffee and sat in the hotel reception chatting away until 2am.  At which point it was time to say goodnight and drive back to Portsmouth.

All in all a very enjoyable night out, I can’t wait for another opportunity.

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