Who wants to fly the plane?

What is holding us back?Imaging if you will, you are on a flight from Heathrow to New York, and you are on final approach in to LaGuardia… over the intercom comes those dreaded words… “can anyone fly the plane”.

To quote Richard Branson; “say ‘Yes’ and work out how later”

Of course the answer should always be a Yes to start with, that’s right… if someone needs to fly the plane then it would be a safe bet to assume there will be plenty of moral support from those around you, and practical advise and coaching from those on the ground,

Let’s face it, if after a short pause it would be pretty safe to say no one else is willing or interested, if you don’t give it a go then who will… and besides it would be fun, wouldn’t it, heck why not!

So in life why do so many often walk away from a challenge, find it hard to step outside of our comfort zones. We recoil with our limiting beliefs and internalise our own imposter syndrome.

We can all procrastinate as our plane falls out of the sky, no one willing to engage and save the day.


We can grasp the stick, pull back and engage the engines knowing that there is only a Plan A to success.

Give it a go, we know the cost of not trying, we know what will happen if we fail to engage, the plane will crash and people will die.

So knowing the worst that can happen puts into perspective the best results, the options that are created by attempting and trying… in this case living, but also a sense of achievement, applause, and recognition if you like. The opportunity to make a difference or succeed.

In our personal lives, and in business what is holding us back? Only ourselves, only our own insecurities of trying and failing. Those around us generally want us to succeed, there is plenty of support, coaching and mentoring if only we would ask…

It is better to have a can do positive attitude and willingness to give it a go, than a disinterested expert that offers a lacklustre performance to a problem.

So I ask again, who wants to fly the plane..?

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