it’s all about me…

Joanne-Lockwood-2-Headshot-3x2Hi there, my name is Joanne, I am a blogger, an LGBT+ Advocate, an Aspiring Actor, an Equality & Diversity Champion, a Trainer, and a Keynote and Motivational Speaker on many topics that I am passionate about.  Those, however, are just the things that I do, the important thing is that; I am a happy transwoman finding her way in the world and enjoying living my life the best I can with my family and friends at my side.

I spent the major part of my life in Information Technology; working for some large Banks and Financial Institutions in the City.  I then developed an Entrepreneurial streak and started up my own IT Managed Services business which over several iterations I finally sold in February 2017 to embark on my new journey and explore the world with new eyes.  I haven’t abandoned IT completely, these days I prefer an Independent Freelance Consultant Role assisting businesses with their strategies and help them solve the unsolvable.

Having now set out on my new path, I am now wandering through the rest of my life without a rulebook set in stone, and no SatNav guiding the way.  My path may not be the quickest or the shortest route but I intend to enjoy the scenery, feel the wind on my face, and smell the meadows as I pass through.

After nearly fifty years of confusion and denial, I first started venturing out and accepting myself as a transgender woman in mid-2013, all the time gaining in confidence and became quickly happy to go shopping, visit pubs and restaurants, wander round town, either alone or with friends.  I started laser hair removal on my face in October 2015 and embarked on a journey to lose over 8st in weight. Both of these initiative have had and enormous boost to my confidence and feelings about myself.

My wife of thirty years and the mother of my two amazing children is Marie.  She is still by my side through this change in my life.  It hasn’t been easy for the family as everyone has a sense of loss of the husband, father, uncle, brother and son that I once was, but we remain committed to make it work and finding a way against the odds.

I created this blog for several reasons; to document my journey in case I get lost and need to know where I’ve come from.  Also to talk out loud and express my thoughts to see if they make sense to me or anyone else, and finally to publish some things that others might well find useful in their own world or particular journey.

As the title of this page says… “it’s all about me” – these are my thoughts and views. I don’t wish to force them down anyone’s throat, upset or disagree with anyone.  I have made a policy to allow comments, but I won’t reply or join in any public discussion, defend or debate once I have published.  (If you like to find spelling and grammar errors then by all means private message me when you find any).

I take challenges head on with the mantra #SmileEngageEducate

So that’s me, Joanne Lockwood, if you want to know more then just ask – for now I am really, really happy just being me  🙂


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