The Power of Self-Belief

How many times have we been in situations or had opportunities arise where our immediate reaction is "I couldn't do that"?   Our inner sense of self-doubt, our belief that we are not good enough, that we don’t possess the skills, or that we wouldn't be capable.  Deep down however, we would like to be... Continue Reading →

Now what to wear!

We all know that what you wear and how you present creates a first impression that can affect any relationship and how you are treated.  A Vicar in jeans and T-Shirt just doesn't fit with societies traditional expectation of the status and role. Why do we judge people based on such superficial and largely irrelevant... Continue Reading →

Focus on what matters…

It is all too easy to get caught up in the minutiae that bogs us down and prevents us tackling the big issues that matter! We have all heard the phrases "don't sweat the small stuff", "avoid the £5 tasks" and being a "busy fool".  It can take some real focus these days not to... Continue Reading →

When is the right time to rebrand?

In business we tend to try and stick to a formula that works.  We invest in developing our brand and push our products to market.  We use social media to associate ourselves in our customers minds as a brand to engage with and often we keep the same formula for many years. But do we... Continue Reading →

My Personal Shopping Experience

Every girl's dream is a pamper session or someone waiting on her hand and foot.  Well I am no exception.   I was shopping in Basingstoke last summer and came across a shop called Taking Shape.   To quote their website, they are; "a plus size fashion brand. We make clothes in sizes 14-26.  We... Continue Reading →

My Social Experiment

One thing I have noticed since I have been going out and about in the real world is the amount of looks and gazes I get.  At first I was concerned I was being 'clocked' or 'outed' but more and more I started to realise that this is the kind of attention Genetic Woman have... Continue Reading →

Dinner for Two

Given the change I jump at the chance to head out for the evening with friends.  This week was no different, even though I live in Portsmouth and my friend, Devon, was staying in Brighton. We decided not to organise anything in advance, expecting to ask the concierge for a recommendation when we were leaving.... Continue Reading →

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